What’s Your Favorite Publix?

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Publix Super Markets are loved by many (can we get a shout-out for those Pub Subs!), and probably disliked by just as many. They are, after all, not the cheapest grocery markets around. We are, however, some of the folks who do truly believe “shopping is a pleasure” at Publix. How about you?

There are lots and lots of Publix locations spread throughout the Central Florida area, and while all very similar in some aspects they can all be very different as well. And we all have our favorites. We recently posted a Story on our Instagram channel asking the question “Which is your favorite Central Florida Publix?” and thought we’d bring it over here to find out your thoughts.

Publix Baldwin Park

A few of the locations that seem to be surfacing as favorites are:

So, do you have a favorite go-to Publix in the area? If so, why?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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