Do You Know Gateway Orlando?

Have you heard of Gateway Orlando? Yeah, me neither…until recently. As you know The City Beautiful has really started to help define and carve out names to the wonderful and unique neighborhoods–communities–throughout the Central Florida area. From Audubon Park to Baldwin Park to SoDo to Ivanhood. So a new area that’s just popped up for me is Gateway Orlando.

Welcoming Orlando’s visitors and residents to the multicultural business district just north of the Orlando International Airport.” – GatewayOrlando.org”

District Flag

What really stopped to pause and contemplate was driving toward the airport recently and noticing these “district signs.” So “what” is Gateway Orlando? Good question. It’s a little more difficult to define or grasp then the neighborhoods or areas mentioned above. The area of town it exists to cover or support is much less residential and heavy on business and industrial companies. Think of it as more of a chamber-type or association concept: It exists to help said businesses succeed and reach a broader audience. This is all if I’m understanding correctly.

For more about Gateway Orlando and what it’s offering the Central Florida area, check out the “About” section of their website.

What do you think? Like the Gateway Orlando name? Think it’ll stick? If you or someone you know is more informed or even involved with Gateway Orlando we’d love to hear about it.


What are your thoughts on this topic?

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