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PDQ Is All It’s Quacked Up To Be

Never one to be chicken when it comes to food, I recently tried PDQ for the first time and it is quite the find. While new to Central Florida, this is apparently a chain that can be found in various locations throughout the United States (with the very first one ever opening in our neighboring Tampa). But let’s get this cleared up front: PDQ is not an acronym for pretty darn quick (as I may or may not have originally assumed). It actually stands for–and I love this–(P)eople (D)edicated to (Q)uality. That is a very bold and high standard they are holding themselves to, and I greatly appreciate it.

Ok – enough warm and fuzzies. So let’s get to the food, you’re probably saying. PDQ is a quick-service joint, for sure. And while some might throw out the argument they are aiming to be a direct competitor to…well, another fast food chain with chicken as their value proposition, I beg to differ. PDQ’s product is quite different, and I don’t see any competition here.

First of all, why yes, yes that is broccoli you see on the table. PDQ offers this–along with corn, beans & rice, and apple slices, to name a few–as a healthy alternative to french fries or tater tots. While I certainly appreciate this, I myself opted for the tots (my dining companion went with the broccoli). Second, they offer a variety of sauces to choose from which is important to many people I hear; I prefer barbecue (this isn’t me being chicken, I just know what I like).

With regard to the main “dish,” I went with standard, classic chicken fingers. They were quite like none I’ve ever had before. Long, tender…hot (this is where the non-competition part comes into play)! Certainly something I’d go back and have again. Of course, there are also nuggets so don’t think those are left out. Part of the appeal and quality of excellence is PDQ never has frozen chicken and doesn’t add hormones or steroids. That’s certainly an attractive angle to dining with them. And if all this weren’t enough I hear they have delicious shakes – I’ll have to go back for this.

Want to feel like you’re experiencing a little more than a meal and something important? Check this out:

Location deets:
925 S. Orlando Avenue
Winter Park, FL  32789

Are you into PDQ? If you’ve ever been before we’d love to hear about your experience.

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  • Anonymous
    Wednesday, 16 January 2019

    Try the zucchini fries…they are awesome.

      • Anonymous
        Thursday, 17 January 2019

        Yes, definitely.

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