Hummus House in Winter Park

What’s all the β€œhum” about? πŸ˜‚Β  See what we did there? Because we’re talking about hummus? Well, let β€œus” tell you! Hummus House on Mills Avenue (Winter Park, right?) has been around for a bit now, and although we’ve been curious about it for some time we’ve just now had a chance to getting around to try it. In a nutshell: The atmosphere is fairly basic (sorry, we didn’t grab any pics this time) but the food is outstanding.

The restaurant is situated directly next to [a now closed] bank. In fact, they share they building. So to the average passersby it sort of appears HH is part of the bank. Good thing we knew this to be untrue and hopefully we can help spread some of the knowledge.

So here we go – what did I have during my visit? Well, upon walking through the front door (there’s a rear entrance as well, where there’s adequate parking and a bike rack) I took a quick glance at the menu boards and knew immediately what I wanted to try. Take a look:

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Featured (i.e., what I went with): Chicken & rice bowl with garbanzo beans and teriyaki sauce, and fried cauliflower. YUM!

Featured ‡️:

πŸ› chicken
πŸ› rice
πŸ› garbanzo beans
πŸ› teriyaki sauce
πŸ› fried cauliflower

Looks good, right? The thing I really like about Hummus House is they have a menu of items already created (“Signature Options“) if you’re looking for something quick and don’t feel like making decisions or being creative. No biggie. They’re somewhat standard and limited in variety…but, they’re there. There’s also the “Create Your Own” which displays all of the options offered, and you tell the employee behind the counter (the Hummus expert?) and watch them bring your creation to life. Additionally, there are a variety of “Sides and Extras” to join your main dish, which is where that tasty fried cauliflower on the bottom of my list came from.

Even if you’re not necessarily into “healthy eating” you’ll still find something hear you’ll like…and enjoy! But if you’re still skeptical or are the type of eater who likes to research ahead of actually traveling somewhere to try, just revisitΒ the Hummus House menuΒ we’ve previously shared a couple of times.

Location deets:

Hummus House
862 South Orlando Avenue, Suite 100
Winter Park, FL 32789

Have you been yet to Hummus House yet? What do you recommend?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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