Knock, Knock! We’re back….

Us: Knock, knock! (Please answer.)

You: Who’s there?

Us: Well…us, duh. Who else do you think would be answering our door?


Hello, Friends.

We know it’s been quite some time since you’ve heard from us. A few years, actually. As with many these days, life’s gotten the best of us: Marriages, new babies, changing jobs, “big life” events. But over that time we’ve continued to contemplate and realize we’ve just not wanted to let this little baby of ours go yet. And while the blogging and hyper-local scene here in Orlando has grown over this time of our “dark period” (we’ve still very much been watching and have been active on Instagram and Twitter, mind you) and the landscape has most definitely changed, we believe our many, many years of living in Central Florida and our passion resulting from it is quite valuable. We feel while there are many more choices to consume information about Orlando than there was when we first started we still provide a unique, interesting perspective on things because…well, it’s ours! Plus we’ve got a very loyal community that’s somehow managed to stick with us through the years and we believe there’s more growing we need to do together.

We do realize over this several year hiatus tremendous things have occurred in our town. Specifically, there’s the obvious incident with Pulse nightclub. That leads some to the topic of our very close association with it in name. We’re very much aware of this, and are highly sensitive to it. In fact, much debate has occurred over the past couple of months of continuing on under the same name. There has been a bit of–albeit very, very minimal–backlash from a couple of folks when the 2016 event initially occurred, with accusations that we were/are trying to leverage or capitalize on that terrible and heinous event. Absolutely nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, for those who have not been loyal or close followers of ours, we’ve been contributing our voice through this site and our community for over 10 years now. And even when we initially launched we had much discussion about potential market confusion over any close ties or association to the Pulse nightclub that might result. But we never saw it…and forged ahead. We believe “Pulse of Central Florida” really spoke to and represented what we want to offer not only as a look into what life is like to live here in the Orlando/Central Florida area, but also as potential resource for those seeking information when planning a visit (we are so much more than theme parks!).

So while this was not at all intended to be such a lengthy dissertation on our re-introduction to “the scene” of Orlando, we felt there was some much-needed context needed around why we’re continuing on here. We’re still madly in love with our City Beautiful, and can’t wait to re-connect with its amazing, beautiful, passionate people. WE ARE ORLANDO!

So look for new [and hopefully exciting, entertaining] content, new flavor & flair, and quite possibly a new look in the coming months.

You with us?!

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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