The Meatball Shoppe in Orlando


Noms noms noms is all I can say about The Meatball Shoppe. Actually, that’s not true. I can say lots…and it’s all good.

While it’s not necessarily in the most ideal location in town (an area I don’t travel to very often, mainly because it’s not close to where I live), a friend and I had heard fantastic things about this local, family-owned place, so we decided to make the trek and try it out. I mean, it’s a restaurant dedicated entirely to meatballs! I already knew I would be in love.

Sitting as a bookend in a little strip shopping center, the store, candidly, is not the sexiest from the outside, but once customers walk through the front door they’ll find a quaint little dining room with walk-up counter service. No overwhelming personality or atmosphere, but when the food is as good as this place you kinda overlook the lack of other things.

Can I just get on to the food, please?! Now the meatballs are made fresh daily, and there’s a pretty extensive selection on the menu. I’m a big fan of lamb in almost any form, so I opted for the Mediterranean-grass-fed Lamb meatballs (three in total), which were accompanied with Pita Bread and Tzatziki Sauce. They were so good I literally needed just a few minutes alone with myself and them. I still think about them. And to boot, I also had a side of the White Bean Ragout, which was amazing as well. The meatballs were actually served on top of the ragout.

Smash – On Freshly Baked Ciabatta Roll
“Nonna’s” Traditional Italian
White Bean Ragout

Now, my dining partner and I noticed a table sign promoting a Mac and Cheese Explosion Ball so…duh…of course we had to try that. All I can say is a-may-zing! Mac ‘n cheese with meatball baked in? Who wouldn’t love that?


We had an opportunity to speak with the owner of the restaurant for a few minutes – super nice fella. He’s thinking of opening another location of The Meatball Shoppe sort of closer to where I personally live, which definitely got me excited. No solid plans as of yet but I’m definitely staying tuned to see what progresses.

Interested in checking out the place for yourself? Get a preview by reviewing The Meatball Shoppe’s menu to get an idea of what you’ll want to try. All-in-all I was super fond of this place, and would be willing to take a trip back at any time!

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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