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RA Sushi Bar at Pointe Orlando

raA group of friends and I recently headed over to Pointe Orlando (something I don’t particularly care to do too often) prior to a show at House of Blues Orlando to grab a bite to eat. Planned on taking advantage of Visit Orlando’s Magical Dining at one of the restaurants but after not really feeling the vibe inside made a last-minute switch to try out the newly opened RA Sushi Bar.

RA has some great curb appeal. Large outdoor dining area which is visible walking up to the main entrance. Once inside, the bar (situated just upfront by the entrance) & dining area appear clean, crisp, with the color of red taking over much of the space. And heading toward the back of the dining room is a very large sushi bar. It’s quite impressive, actually.

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Sushi Bar

After being seated at a large table nearby the sushi bar, our group started scouring over the options listed on the menu and then ordered several starter dishes and sushi rolls…along with many delicious cocktails! Upon the recommendation of the server much of the dishes was shared by everyone.

Now, as I’ve stated many times I’m not much of a sushi person; I really have to be in the mood. So I opted for one of the noodle bowls on the menu – one of my favorite dishes at other similar style restaurants.

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Gotta say this dish was not good. It actually had zero flavor, and the chicken seemed as if it was maybe just cut up and stuck in the oven to bake for a little bit (I know this from personal home experience). Shame because the presentation was great; I had high hopes. This can only lead me to assume sushi is, in fact, RA’s specialty. (Oh, and the dish wasn’t even near spicy, despite its namesake.) I did thoroughly enjoy my cucumber kimchee salad just prior to this, which was hella spicy!

Get a peek at their menus before heading over to try RA out for yourself. I’m definitely heading back at some point to give it a second taste.

Location deets:

RA Sushi Bar
9101 International Drive
Suite 1008
Orlando, FL 32819


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  • katherineknguyen
    Thursday, 9 October 2014

    I love this place!!! They’re so unique and creative with their rolls. They are very accommodating as well. The next time you go, try the Crazy Monkey Roll; that’s one of my favorites! I am going back to try more next week with an old friend! Check out my post on Tasty Chomps to see what rolls I tried. I tried a few different ones than you did.

    I do agree how the udon isn’t the best. I’d prefer to eat at RA Sushi for their sushi. Their tuna salad isn’t too fabulous either, but I’m not big on large pieces of seared tuna.

    • Ashley K. Edwards
      Sunday, 12 October 2014

      Thanks for the feedback! Will be sure to check out your post, and am certainly going to give this place another try.

    • Ashley Edwards
      Friday, 30 November 2018

      Is this place still open do you know, Katherine?

  • Christina Thomas
    Wednesday, 8 October 2014

    I’m not a big noodle fan so I can’t speak to that dish but the sushi dishes I tried recently were quite good and very creative. give them another chance when you are in the mood for sushi. Try the Viva Las Vegas Roll and the Ra’llipops.

    • Ashley K. Edwards
      Thursday, 9 October 2014

      Great to know you shared in my friend’s experiences with RA’s sushi, Christina. I’ll definitely give them another shot sometime soon.

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