The Lucky Lure in Ivanhoe Village

I’ve been driving by The Lucky Lure for the almost year it’s been around in Ivanhoe Village, which is just north of downtown Orlando if you’re not familiar. I finally got an opportunity the opportunity to pop-in this past rain-drenched weekend. Gotta say I am not a fan.

I can see where this dive would appeal to a particular niche (think PBR, Natty Lite, and Coors Lite), but there’s nothing from my recent visit that connected me to it or left me wanting to go back again. I’d much rather head down the street to Imperial down the street and hang out there (with the domestic beer and wine crowd).

The Lucky Lure II
Occupy your time with pool and foosball.
The Lucky Lure I
The Bar Area

The Lucky Lure is co-owned by Amy Smith (AKA Lounge, 57 West) and Mike Blaise (Go Lounge), so there’s definitely some bar/nightlife experience behind the establishment. It also runs some pretty great happy hour deals, if that’s something you typically look for when deciding on a bar to go to.

Now, while I’m obviously not personally a fan of this little bar, one of the great things about the location is the opportunity to catch an awesome Central Florida sun setting over Lake Ivanhoe across the street (the place has an open-air concept).

Location deets:

The Lucky Lure
1427 North Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32804

If you wanna see what other folks are saying about their own experience at The Lucky Lure–including at least three reviews about a “rude, prick bartender”–check out Yelp.

6 thoughts on “The Lucky Lure in Ivanhoe Village

  1. I’ve been curious about this place for a while – often whilst sitting across the street at The Greek Corner. There are a ton of unique drinking concepts in Orlando, so if you don’t offer something no one else does, the experience is just “meh”. I totally agree with how you couldn’t connect in that sense – but I’d like to stop by sometime and see for myself, maybe during the sunset.

  2. So, what, exactly, didn’t you like about the bar? You gave no reason. Were they rude? Did the place smell? Horrible “review.” Is this the gist of your “reviews”? “Didn’t like it. Next.”

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Johnny. We always welcome and appreciate the feedback and perspective of others.

      We don’t really “review” anything here but merely provide our own experiences while navigating through life in Central Florida. Sorry you don’t care for the way we present them. It’s not our goal to persuade fellow residents to like or dislike something. In particular with The Lucky Lure, there wasn’t anything specifically I didn’t care for, as I mentioned I just didn’t “connect” with it. I don’t really tend to identify with the hipster crowd, though, which is what this place seems to cater to, so there’s that. Nobody was particularly rude to me–although I wouldn’t say the staff was overly friendly–but there were a handful of folks from the Yelp community, which I tend to trust and rely on, that said they experienced rudeness.

      If you’ve previously been to The Lucky Lure and have some of your own insight to share we’d love to hear it.

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