I-4 Makeover Project

I-4. Mention it to any fellow Central Floridian who’s lived in the area for any decent amount of time and you’re bound to get a stern look…or some sort of grunt-like noise. It’s pretty much a necessary evil – one which I’ve tried to find any way top avoid whenever possible. So when I recently caught this article by Orlando Business Journal I got a little excited and relieved (and yes – I’m a bit behind on this news, if you’ve already heard about it).

I certainly don’t want to regurgitate what the piece talks about, but a couple of things I’m most eager about as a result of the $2.3B project is:

“…is slated to create thousands of temporary construction jobs and help relieve traffic congestion on one of Central Florida’s main highway corridors.”

(Photo courtesy of Orlando Business Journal’s website.)

Always a fan of hearing about the creation of jobs in Central Florida, and anything that will bring some sort of relief to the atrocious congestion on these roads is a win in my book!

No details on exactly when the project is expected to be complete. What are you hoping comes out of this?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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