Artisans Table in Downtown Orlando

Folks really, really seem to be loving Artisans Table in downtown Orlando, now home to where a couple of places have been over the past few years (see: Pine 22, The Black Olive). I went there not too long ago with a group of people, to see what all the fuss is about.

While I’m definitely willing to give it another shot, I hate to admit I did not have the same amazing experience everyone else is constantly raving about. We went on a Friday night, and I have to say the service was pretty subpar. The place was not busy at all yet we still managed to have the slowest server on earth. What probably should’ve taken us an hour lasted more like two.

Also, I wasn’t really that impressed with the food. Sorry, guys. I’m a big fan of lamb ragout so when I saw a dish listed on the menu I was immediately excited. It just wasn’t that flavorful, and again…I waited so long for it I probably built up my expectations. One of my dining companions, though, ordered the same dish, and their feedback was the same.

I also had the wedge salad pre-main meal, which was pretty good. It’s hard to mess up lettuce, though.

If you wanna check out what Artisan’s Table has to offer before heading downtown to experience it yourself, here are the menus.

Location deets:

Artisan’s Table
22 E Pine Street
Orlando, FL 32801


Like I mentioned, I’m always willing to give a place two tries, so I’d like to head back sometime soon. I’d also love to hear about your own experience at Artisan’s Table. What are your thoughts?

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