Mingo’s in Downtown Orlando

Sometimes I feel like the block of Pine & Eola in downtown Orlando is the little block that could (or can’t…depending on your perspective). Seems like over the past couple of years every restaurant that’s come through–with the exception of Mucho and Sonoma Draught House–has struggled to stay afloat. Here’s hoping for the best for its newest resident, Mingo’s.

First of all let me say I love the motto as featured on their website,

“Great people. Amazing atmosphere. Tastey food.”

I can honestly say they fulfill all three of these sentences.

I popped in recently for a quick dinner with a friend. Honestly, I wish we’d had more time to really enjoy ourselves because overall it was a good dining experience and I wanted to try more.

Mingo's Dining Room
Mingo’s Dining Room

To start off, Mingo’s brings naan to each table. It’s phenomenal: warm, soft, fresh. My dinner companion thought it would be good to have some hummus along with it, but I was just fine with it being by itself. I’m a big fan of naan, though, pretty much any way it’s served, so I’m easy to please that way.

Mingo's Naan 2
Delicious Naan

Next up we tried an order of the pork shanks with smoked plum sauce. Holy shankfurter were they delicious. The perfect amount, too, as a starter. Tasty without being too overwhelming with seasoning or sauce.

Mingo's Wing 2
Pork shanks w/smoked plum sauce

After that I wasn’t really in the mood for anything too terribly heavy so I ordered the roasted shrimp flatbread, and candidly it was the right amount of what I was looking for. Quite flavorful, and plenty of shrimp in the dish (some places would tend to skimp out, in my experience) – cut up to ensure a little piece would be included in every bite.

Mingo's Flatbread 2
Roasted Shrimp Flatbread

Looks good to ya? Check out the Mingo’s menu before heading over to give it a try yourself. We hear they have a pretty bangin’ Sunday brunch too, just FYI.

Location deets:

100 S Eola Dr #105
Orlando, FL 32801


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Have you dined at Mingo’s yet? If so, we’d love to hear about your experience.

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