Brunch at Marlow’s Tavern

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Y’all, Kim and I went to Marlow’s Tavern in Winter Park recently for Sunday brunch (you know they do that, right?), and it was taste-y! It’s no secret I love to eat – anyone who’s been a follower for any amount of time is aware of that – and I’m not a terribly hard person to impress, but these guys did it!

First of all, there are many, many options of dishes to choose from. Almost too many! But I opted to go with something from their brunch menu, like I mentioned.


First of all, one of the main highlights of brunch at Marlow’s is their Bloody Mary bar. It’s quite extensive and also quite delicious! Essentially, you’re served with your choice of vodka and then head to the bar to mix your own concoction. I must say I did a pretty rockin’ job on mine (I’m a big fan of Bloody Mary’s). Maybe I’ve discovered a new talent….

Marlow's 1 Marlow's 6 Marlow's Marlow's 2

After basking in the pleasure of discovering my new talent, I enjoyed my little creation. Kim went with a Bellini, which I took to be quite delicious since she ordered another following the first.

And then this happened right in front of my face:

Marlow's 5

Yup, threw caution to this wind and dove right in to probably some of the best chicken & waffles I’ve ever had. And I’m not exaggerating on this one. The chicken was nearly perfect, waffles were tasty, and honestly the portion size was just right. I didn’t feel that bad about my decision. I’m actually dreaming about it at this very moment.

As for my brunch date, Kim enjoyed traditional french toast which looked and smell equally appetizing. And she confirmed that for me.

Have you guys ever eaten at one of the Central Florida locations of Marlow’s Tavern, either for brunch, lunch, or dinner? If not, here are the location deets:

Marlow’s Tavern
1008 S Orlando Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789

9101 International Drive, Lower Level
Orlando, FL 32819


* in fair, full disclosure, we were provided complimentary meals

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