The Woods in Downtown Orlando

20140105-062752.jpgThe Woods is a teeny little place–almost a gem–hidden in downtown Orlando. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s not so teeny, and it’s not necessarily hidden if you pay attention. But I only recently learned about it so I guess I don’t pay that close of attention. Regardless, now you know about The Woods and you have no excuse.

The Woods is located on the second floor of a building in the heart of downtown Orlando, just above The Lodge. Trust me, though – this place is way more classier than The Lodge. Specializing in craft beers and handmade drinks, The Woods is a rustic, open-spaced place to hang out and catch-up with some friends or even get the evening started with a date.




The bar itself is long and open, and affords patrons the room to not only watch the crafty bartenders at work but to also be able to talk to their companions without feeling too crowded or yelling above noise. Plus, there’s a lot of rustic decor that’s interesting. If you happen to snag a table on the Orange Avenue side of the building, you can watch the passersby as they head to their destinations (particularly fun on a Saturday evening, I would suppose).



Keep up with The Woods online on:

And here are the location deets:

49 North Orange Ave.
Orlando FL, 32801


In addition to all the tasty drinks offered, the establishment also offers “The Woods drinking school” which is an opportunity for anyone interested to step behind the bar and learn how to make one of their favorite cocktails. Sounds fun!

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