Church Street Tavern

CSTChurch Street in downtown Orlando has had many, many, many facelifts over the years, and seems to be in somewhat of a resurgence (here’s hoping it’s true).

Of course, anyone who’s lived here for any amount of time knows Church Street has mostly succeeded as “club row,” but eateries/restaurants have struggled to maintain any consistency over the same timeframe. New ones pop up all the time, like Church Street Tavern.

Paid a visit recently on a Saturday afternoon, and have to say while the menu items I tried were few, everything was pretty enjoyable.

French FriesMustardSausage

As you can tell, this definitely isn’t the type of place to try if you’re watching your diet or figure (who would want to do that anyway?). Other items on the menu are quite similar to the ones featured above, and like the following:

10631146775_38146ac372_z According to Church Street Tavern’s website:

“The menu is always fresh. We have no freezers and all of our dressings are made from scratch. We have some great northern fare comfort food as well as healthy fresh made salads and soups.”

You can see some of the yummy stuff we enjoyed while on our visit, including Kielbasa Sliders and Cheesesteak Pierogis (in fact, we have it from a close source – an “expert” in pierogis – that these are the best Orlando pierogis. Hey – we’ll go with it!

While you’re checking out the items on Church Street Tavern’s food menu, might as well give the beer, wine, and cocktails a glance over.

Location deets:

Church Street Tavern
120 West Church Street
Orlando, FL 32801


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