Mead Garden (The Clay Pit)

Ever visit Mead Garden in the Winter Park area? Like, recently? Well, first of all, if you’ve never been it’s really one of Central Florida’s best-kept secrets (if it’s even a secret). You’ve gotta check it out….

I’ve been several times in the past for events–primarily weddings–but have recently started going there on weekend bike rides (when the weather’s nice). And let me tell you there’s quite a bit going on!

More on some of the developments later, but something interesting I stumbled on during a visit a couple of weeks ago is this, the “Clay Pit” project:

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Untitled In doing a little research, here’s what I found:

Winter Park received a federal EPA grant in 2006 for $270,000 to construct storm water improvements in and around Mead Garden. The grant was administered through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection…. The first phase will create more storm water storage in the “clay pit” area near the western end of the park by Denning Drive. Improvements will include construction of low berms to allow water to stage up (store before it flows) and debris to settle out during rainfalls; building of boardwalks and trails; and reforestation of the pit with native wetland species.

You can read about the entire initiative on the Mead Gardens website, which includes an interview with Tim Egan, Winter Park’s Environmental Resource Manager. But what are your thoughts on this? A good thing?

Oh, and hey – I’ve you haven’t ever visited Mead Garden , here are the location deets:

Mead Garden
1500 S. Denning Drive
Winter Park FL 32789

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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