Orchid Thai Cuisine in Winter Park

I love me some Thai. Food, that is. And there are a few select places in Central Florida I think are really, really good and are “go-tos” when it comes to this cuisine. I’m always up for trying new places, though….

So, when someone I know recently suggested visiting Orchid Thai Cuisine in Winter Park I was all for it. Surprisingly, as long as I’ve lived here and as many times as I’ve passed Orchid Thai on Park Avenue, this was my first dining experience.

Orchid Thai Cuisine

Gotta be honest: Wasn’t really that impressed. Didn’t really have any expectations either. Below average quality food product. Not bad by any means, like I mentioned in the beginning the are countless other places in the Central Florida area I could find way better thai cuisine.

Here’s a quick look at some of my dishes, which included a salad and drunken noodles…both of which apparently taste way better with a mound of shredded carrots on top:


Again, not “bad” but there’s better out there. You can check out their menu here if you want. And if you’ve ever visited Orchid Thai before we’d LOVE to know how your experience compared to ours.

A couple things to note on the positive side: The service was good, and the weather was amazing so it made for nice outdoor dining.


Location deets:

Orchid Thai Cuisine
305 N. Park Avenue
Winter Park FL 32789

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  1. My favorite next to torinospizzaoviedo would be Thai cuisine. I so love to eat that I want to try their thai cuisine hopefully sooner. Try my favorite Oviedo pizza too!

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