The Creative City Project

Creative City Project

The arts community has really been increasing in Central Florida and we’re completely loving it. With new developments happening quite quickly all over the region, hopefully the offerings and community will only continue to grow.

Enter The Creative City Project:

The Creative City Project is birthed out of the belief that artists can change a city for the better by making it a more beautiful, meaningful and interesting place to live. We are a collective of artists, who seek to create shared experiences between artists and people who live, work, play in and visit Orlando. We see the blank spaces in our city – whether the wall of a building, a street corner or a public park – as canvases for creation. Some of our works only exist for the moment they are performed, and some live on as permanent contributions.”

We’re already intrigued. For some reason, this hasn’t previously been on our radar. But fortunately it now is.

There’s an incredibly wide array of artists, artistic outlets, expressions, and interpretations that can be found in several locations sprinkled throughout the downtown Orlando area. Music, dance, etc. Interested in finding out more? Full details can be found at CreativeCityProject.com.

One we found particularly interesting is the Coby Project, an improvisational dance team that creates their movements based on audience suggestions and submissions. Check this out:

If you are interested in possibly seeing or participating in any of these be sure to jump on it. The Creative City Project is this Friday night, 10/25.

What are your thoughts on the ever-growing Central Florida arts Community?

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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