Sci-Fi City Finds New Home

The Universe Just Got a Bit Smaller

Apparently things are getting a tad smaller in the Universe. Sci-Fi City recently moved from it’s home on East Colonial, where it’s been for years-and-years, to a much smaller building in the same shopping center.

Sci-Fi City
New Sci-Fi City location, in front of Home Depot

Just noticed this yesterday during a weekend chore trip. Anyone have any news or insight as to why the move?

5 thoughts on “Sci-Fi City Finds New Home

      1. I don’t know. I think the industry on the whole is in an upswing. I know that there has always been a large part of their old space unused. Seems more about streamlining their costs.

        I also wonder if CoolStuffGames is having an impact too. That place is always packed.

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