Atilla’s Bar & Grill

Atilla’s Bar & Grill located on Mills Avenue just south of Virginia, has been many, many businesses over the years. I think at one point it was a tattoo parlor, and prior to that maybe even a hair salon? But Atilla’s has been in this spot for a couple of years now and as such I’ve been wanting to check-it-out. I did so recently….

I’m a fan of Turkish food. Mostly, anyway.

Atilla’s Menu

As far as menu items, most are pretty standard for this sort of food. Let’s take a look at some of the things my group ordered (sorry, main dishes not included here):

Salad. Literally, just lettuce.
Potato Salad

The general consensus from the group I was with is that all was quite tasty. It’s a little odd to find Atilla’s doing an online search. The name of the establishment as we’ve said is Atilla’s Bar & Grill; however, search results bring up Steak and Salad Orlando, but it’s all the same place.

If you’re interested in seeing what this place is all about for yourself, location details are featured below. You can also preview the menu of offerings here.

Location deets:

Atilla’s Bar & Grille
1326 North Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803


Been before? We’d love to hear about your visit.

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