Ice Cream Treats and Eats

I’m not a huge ice cream fan. Wait, let me preface that statement: I’m not a frequent ice cream fan. What I mean by that st, I really like ice cream but I don’t crave it very often (I know, I can hear your collective screams). But when a craving hits, I gotta have me some ice cream stat.

So not too long ago a couple of friends and I paid a little visit to Ice Cream Treats and Eats located in the Audubon Park neighborhood.


I’ll be honest, the interior of this little local business is a bit odd. It doesn’t really have an identity or much of a personality, and feels like the seating was just strewn up (there are somewhat “formal” chairs sitting in a couple of corners, with no real thought as to why they’re there; maybe a living room vibe, perhaps). But then there’s the ice cream. And lots of it!

UntitledIce Cream Treats and Eats

Yes, I get these are not photos of real ice cream. They’re displays and I thought they were cute.

Ice Cream Treats and Eats

So here’s there real stuff. Perfect for a hot summer day, many of which we know are right in front of us here in Central Florida.

Ice Cream Treats and Eats, oddly (and amazing enough) also offer customers hot dogs and pizza. That plus ice cream all in one place? You heard me. Heaven.

Location deets:

Ice Cream Treats and Eats
3114 Corrine Dr
Orlando, FL 32803

4 thoughts on “Ice Cream Treats and Eats

  1. What a worthless review. No mention of flavors, hours, or prices. And they serve food as well as ice cream? What’s so amazing about that? Is the food good?

    Really. A little research may have helped this article. As it is now, totally worthless.

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