Columbia Restaurant

Seriously, y’all. Food. AGAIN!

Ever eaten at a Columbia restaurant? There are several throughout Florida, one of which I’d previously dined at in St. Augustine, prior to heading over to the Celebration location here in Central Florida. Now, first off, I definitely prefer the atmosphere at the St. Augustine location over ours here, but that said the food is still just as good.

Columbia Restaurant

I’m not going to go into much detail because the photos speak for themselves (sorry they aren’t better quality). What I will say, though, is my dining partners and I at our faces off…and I can’t wait to go back and do it again.

Columbia RestaurantColumbia RestaurantColumbia Restaurant
Columbia Restaurant Here’s a menu if you want to take a look. The Columbia experience is a little pricey–at least it is for me–and may be best kept for a special occasion, but you should definitely do it at least once.

If you’re on Vine, you should check us out – we created a Vine of our experience. You can also keep up with Columbia by liking them on Facebook.

Location deets:

Columbia Restaurant
649 Front Street
Celebration, FL 34747

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