Garibaldi Mexian Cuisine

Gotta be honest, right up front: I am not a fan.

Dined at Garibaldi Mexican Cuisine over by the Florida Mall not too long ago, and I wasn’t at all impressed. Which is a big bummer ‘cuz y’all know I’m always on the search for some delicious Mexican food in Central Florida. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to cross this one off the list (well…actually, I may give them one more shot prior to doing that).

One of the things I do like about Garibaldi’s–well, the Florida Mall location anyhow (there’s also one in Kissimmee)–is the atmosphere. It’s festive, fun, and different than the average dining room with just tables and everyday artwork hanging on the walls.

A couple of things I wasn’t so fond of during my visit:

  • Some of the dishes in my party came out after a really long time. Granted, we were a fairly large party, but we arrived early enough prior to the lunch hour – it wasn’t that busy.
  • The servers were not friendly.Β And I meanΒ none! In fact, our waitress was pretty much downright unfriendly. I realize we never really know what’s going on with folks in their lives, but we were not only a fun group, but when you have a consumer-facing job you better put your gameface on.
  • Anything beyond the first basket of chips & salsa costs!Β Seriously, we requested to have a refill while waiting for our food to come out of the kitchen, and one of the servers said it would be $.99. Of course we paid it, but glad something was said because if we’d seen it on our bill without knowing…well, that would not be cool. So consider yourself warned.

I don’t mean to be captain negatore on this one, not my style as you know. But I feel the need to be honest. Perhaps we caught the restaurant on an off day or something.

Here are a few shots I captured of the food:

Garibaldi Mexian CuisineGaribaldi Mexian Cuisine
So, is mine an isolated experience? I’d love to know. Have you visited either Garibaldi location? If so, what was your visit like?

Location deets:

848 Sand Lake Road
Orlando, FL 32809

1804 West Vine Street
Kissimmee, FL 34741

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2 thoughts on “Garibaldi Mexian Cuisine

  1. Im sorry you had such a disappointing experience. This is one of my favorite mexican restaurants and has been for years! I LOVE their queso, and not just because I am preggo πŸ™‚ My hubby and I actually began going to the one on 50 and semoran for a while and then hit the altamonte location a few times. We went to the one by the florida mall a few weeks ago and split their combo appetizer, asked for some spicier salsa and devoured it. It was delish! The server was pleasant, not overly friendly, but didn’t rush us and didn’t make us feel bad when we didn’t order entree’s. Maybe give it a second go around πŸ™‚

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