Matt Pond at Lil Indies

Gosh. Where do I start? When I found out Matt Pond was playing in Orlando, I jumped at the chance to get tickets. Although I’d never heard of the venue (Lil Indies), I quickly did some research and learned that it was a cool new spot next door to Will’s Pub.

Doors opened at 8, so not knowing what to expect, we arrived right on time.  After a quick beer next door at Will’s, we headed over to Lil Indies.  What a great, little spot.  There’s a patio out front that I’d imagine caters mostly to smokers since the venue is completely non-smoking (quite a departure from Will’s!).  There’s a small bar serving craft beers and wine, and I bet the whole place holds no more than 100 people.  The main room has three booths, but it’s standing room only otherwise.  The “stage” consists of nothing more than a small nook for the musicians to perform from.

Last night’s show was opened by The Pauses, an Orlando-based ‘indierocktronica’ band. The twosome (sometimes threesome) had a really unusual vibe, but I loved it.  Then, without much more than a switch of equipment, Matt Pond (joined my Chris Hansen) took the “stage.”

The whole performance, from beginning to end, was pure magic.  There’s little better than watching one of your favorite musicians perform in a venue no bigger than your living room.  The set list was full of favorites like, “KC”, “Specks,” “Snow Day,” and the single off the next record, “Love to Get Used.”

Turns out Matt Pond is teaming up with several Orlando musicians for his next effort.  If you’re smart, you’ll grab tickets for his next show (in February at The Social).  And, if you have a chance, check out Lil Indies for yourself.



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