New 7-Eleven in Downtown Orlando/College Park

Oh, boy! Just what we need: another convenience store. Particularly in a location where traffic is already congested.

7-Eleven Downtown/College Park

Forgive the sarcasm, but we just can’t understand why there’s a new 7-Eleven store going up on the corner of Edgewater and Colonial in the downtown Orlando/College Park area. Particularly given there’s another one located just a few blocks east of it already (and less than a mile north, in College Park). Oh well….

6 thoughts on “New 7-Eleven in Downtown Orlando/College Park

  1. I first heard the rumor during ground breaking for the 7-11 from our local Homeless population. Aghast of the traffic congestion and the need a 4th location within a mile radius, I tried to contact our local officials to which no response. Nice Gateway to our community! What more can one do?
    Heads up! Poor site planning is only the first problem that is coming. Just watch what happens with the 40 foot wall seat.

    1. Wow, you contacted local officials?! Too funny.

      I drive by this every day, and the only thing I can think of is the cluster it’s going to create with regard to traffic. It’s just too busy of an area for it to not be a problem. #argh

  2. Agreed … see it form this perspective; it also could be another NY style pizza outlet, quick oil change joint, car repair shop or used car dealer. Oh, or a run down strip mall. Gotta love FL

  3. I’m actually excited for this. We need more gas options – going to make it easier to fill up on the way to work when the tank is on empty. πŸ™‚

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