Luma on Park in Winter Park



Yup. You can count on us.

I’ve been patroning Luma on Park for years and years, and am only just now taking the time to write about it. Such a shame, and I hope you’ve long discovered it prior to reading this.

What is Luma?


And that it is.

Luma has some severely amazing food. Wonderful dishes that are frequently changing, so the experience is always different. I will admit, though, Luma tends to be one of those “special occasion” places for me – depending on what you order the experience can get a tad pricey.

On a relatively recent visit I had some delicious dishes:

Luma on Park in Winter Park
Wedge Salad

So I started with a wedge salad. I’m such a sucker for a good wedge salad. And Luma’s is yum-yum.

Main dish:

Luma on Park in Winter Park
Lamb with Corn Casserole

Then, because the other member in my party and I had to wait “so long” (it was hardly long at all), we received complimentary desert. Hey…you don’t hear me complaining.

Luma on Park in Winter ParkLuma on Park in Winter Park


Hungry yet?

The interior of Luma compliments the dining quite nicely. Low-lite spaces provide a quaint, intimate environment.
Luma on Park in Winter ParkLuma on Park in Winter Park
Luma on Park in Winter ParkLuma on Park in Winter Park


Here are a few things to check out before heading to Luma:

Location deets:

Luma on Park
290 South Park Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789


FUN FACT: Luma is the sister restaurant of another one of our faves, Prato.

To keep up with all things Luma you can Follow them on Twitter or Like them on Facebook. Oh…and a little trivia in case you weren’t aware, Luma is under the same ownership as Prato…just down the Avenue.

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