Cask & Larder

If there’s any question what a “Southern Public House” is, you get your answer the moment you step inside Winter Park’s newest eatery, Cask & Larder.

The team behind neighboring Ravenous Pig performed miracles when they transformed the space which has housed everything from Barbecue to Seafood into what it is today.

We sat at the Oyster Bar, which forewarning … sits in full view of the pastry chef.  If you’re watching your weight, this might not be the seat for you, because it’s impossible to skip dessert after watching it being prepared!

Since we’re not really “foodies” here at Pulse, I’ll save you the elaborate review of the meal, but I will say that the selection my dinner companion and I ordered was as diverse as it was delicious.  Let’s start with the Smoked James River Oysters (best ever!), Oxtail Tamale (What? Awesome!), Heritage Fried Chicken with Tupelo Honey (as good as it sounds!), Grilled Lamb Heart (Double What?!), Mac and Cheese, followed by two very sinful desserts (told you!) … Mud Pie in a Jar and homemade Doughnuts with Caramel Sauce.

Seriously, I think I just gained five pounds thinking about that.  

Not to be missed are the beers which are brewed in-house by Brewmaster Ron Raike. We tried the Olde Southern Wit and Lone Palm Golden Ale. Both were delicious!

What are you waiting for … head over to Cask & Larder and see for yourself. Better make a reservation, though!

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  1. Ok, so I feel like the only Central Floridian with a blog that has not gone here, LOL. Very excited to see tupelo honey on the menu and love the Lone Palm name for the beer, nice Jimmy Buffett reference. Good review!

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