Yalaha Bakery

A bakery like none other!”

I love that this is Yalaha Bakery’s tagline.

There doesn’t really need to be alot of words about this place, but here’s some background:

Founded in 1995, Yalaha Bakery is an original German bakery in Central Florida specializing in Old World breads, cakes and pastries traditionally handcrafted and made only with the best all natural and organic ingredients.

Yalaha BakeryUntitled
UntitledYalaha Bakery

Tasty looking or WHAT? Not only does the product look delicious, the inside of the shop is quaint and adorable. Please note, though, there’s no place to sit inside (to enjoy your purchase or coffee) and there’s no public restroom.

Location deets:

Yalaha Bakery
1213 N Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32804


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