Thai House Restaurant

I’m always searching for delicious thai food in Orlando. Yeah, that’s right. And I have a couple of faves I enjoy going to. But until recently I’d never eaten at Thai House, near the intersection of Colonial Drive and Bumby. Driven past it for years and have always wanted to go, so I was excited to dine there for dinner a couple of weeks ago.

The venue may not look like much from the outside but the inside is really quite charming. Unfortunately I didn’t do the best job capturing the charm in photos (it was fairly crowded when I went, and folks often feel uncomfortable when I’m taking pictures), but you get the gist.

Thai House Restaurant
Thai House Dining Room

Where the lights are trimming is actually a little overhang over the tables, so the inside of the dining room gives the illusion of a town square. There are also a couple of tables where guests can sit on the floor, a more traditional thai dining experience (I’m totally doing that next time!).

Now on to the food. I’m a sucker for pad see ew any time I dine on thai food, but before giving this dish a shot at Thai House I had a cucumber salad along with some mee krab (mee krab-a-licious!).

Thai House RestaurantThai House Restaurant
Thai House RestaurantThai House Restaurant


Look good?! It all was…very much. Have you been to Thai House before?

Location deets:

Thai House
2117 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32803

3 thoughts on “Thai House Restaurant

  1. I am from southern california and we have no shortages of amazing thai restaurants. When I moved to NJ my husband took me to a couple of different Thai places but they just did not do Thai food justice. That is until he brought me here. It is honestly the best Thai food I have ever had. It is run by the owner taking care of the front and his wife doing her magic in the back. Their heaven rolls, crispy fried chicken (with yummy peanut sauce), garlic fried chicken (we get is extra spicy), spicy chicken fried rice are all SO SO SO good. It is what we always get. We don’t even have to tell the owner what we want, he just knows as soon as we walk in. I love this quaint, funky little spot!

  2. One of my friends took me to Thai House a few years ago, the service was amazing and the big screen tv was a nice touch. Every time I’ve gone there they have had these amazing ocean documentaries on the tv, perfect for a nice calming dinner. And the food is some of the best Thai I’ve had in Orlando!

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