The Tap Room at Dubsdread

UntitledIt almost saddens me that it’s taken us this long to actually cover the Tap Room at Dubsdread here on Pulse. I’ve been going here for meals and events for years and years, and nearly everyone I know is aware of this “secret treasure” nestled in College Park.

Delicious food.
Reasonable prices.
Nice atmosphere.
What’s not to love?!

My mother was recently visiting from out-of-town and I thought taking her to a nice dinner at the Tap Room was the perfect idea! And so we did….

The Tap Room at Dubsdread
Pork Chop, Mashed Potatoes, Veggies
The Tap Room at Dubsdread
Fried Shrimp Goodness

The Tap Room at Dubsdread
Looks amazing, eh?! If you’ve never been to the Tap Room you can visit the Tap Room at Dubsdread website to preview the brunch, lunch, and dinner menus.

Brunch and lunch are great meals to have at Tap Room as well, and if the Central Florida weather is cooperating and there’s availability, sitting on the porch is the way to go!

Tap Room at DubsdreadTap Room at Dubsdread

Have you been to The Tap Room? We’d love to hear about your experience.

Location deets:

Tap Room at Dubsdread
549 West Par Street
Orlando, FL 32885

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