Gargi’s Lakeside

Gargi's LakesideFor no apparent reason and with no justification, I’ve been avoiding Gargi’s Lakeside in Ivanhoe Village for years. I think I walked in one time several years ago, and I felt like the majority of patrons were…well, old. But even if that’s is the case–which I don’t think it is–after a recent visit there for lunch completely I’m completely turned around.

Gargi’s is located on Lake Ivanhoe on the south tip of Antique Row, just across the street from The Greek Corner. This place is awesome! I mean, who doesn’t like Italian food?

Candidly, I don’t even need to say much. Just look at the pictures below and you’ll get a pretty good idea.

Gargi's Lakeside
Meatball Panini with Garden Salad (before)
Gargi's Lakeside
Meatball Panini with Garden Salad (after)
Gargi's Lakeside
Gargi's Lakeside
Tiramisu Martinis
Gargi's Lakeside
Gargi’s Porch

I love this quote on Gargi’s website:

Welcome to Your New Little Secret.”

Well, if that’s the case it’s not such a secret anymore! And it shouldn’t be. We love supporting local businesses, and think you should check these guys out at some point.

Gargi's Lakeside
View of Lake Ivanhoe

Intrigued? Check out Gargi’s menu for more on what sort of dishes they have to offer.

Location deets:

Gargi’s Lakeside
1414 North Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32804


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  1. I don’t know why I haven’t gone there until recently myself. The first time was earlier this year when I wanted something Italian near the Andrea Bocceli concert we were seeing that night. My husband and I LOVED this place. The food was authentic Italian — not a disgusting salt-fest that I’ve experienced at many restaurants. The wine list was phenomenal and we enjoyed a bottle of Amarone that washout of this world. We wound up going back on Mother’s Day with our whole clan and the inlaws. It was spectacular and the view is so wonderful.

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