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Ever have a little mishap with one of your favorite items of furniture? Specifically, washing the cushion covers to your couches and when pulling them out of the dryer you realize they’ve been torn at the seams? No? Just me? Ok….

Well, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, know help is just as close as Decorative Home Interiors in Maitland. Here’s a peek inside their showroom:


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So I mentioned I had a little mishap with a couple of pillow coverings. I took them to Decorative Home Interiors and they were able to fix them up in a matter of minutes, for a very, very low price (about $6 per item). And by the way: if you happen to experience the same thing I did with respect to your pillow coverings, do NOT put them in the dryer. You’re welcome….

Of course, stitching and repairing ripped seams is certainly not what Decorative Home Interiors specializes in. They also offer-up decorating, home interior expertise, gorgeous fabrics and furniture, and more!

Location deets:

Decorative Home Interiors
9205 S US Highway 17/92
Maitland, FL 32751


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