Yelp Elite Enjoy a Morning with East Coast Paddle

Ash & I were invited to join some of Yelp’s Elite Squad for a Stand Up Paddleboard experience in New Symrna Beach. We knew it’d be a super-cool experience, but what we didn’t realize was just how cool it’d be.

We arrived at JB’s Fish Camp in New Symrna where we met Todd & Tim of East Coast Paddle.  From there, we hopped aboard the East Coast Paddle boat and headed toward Canaveral National Seashore Park.  The currents were pretty strong that day, so having the boat there as backup was quite a relief.  During our boat ride, Todd & Tim explained what the tour would consist of and also gave us some spectacular insight into the surrounding lagoon.

Once we got off the boat and onto our boards (which East Coast Paddle manufactures themselves, by the way!!), our adventure really began.  Todd, our guide, paddled along with us teaching us about the plants and wildlife surrounding us.  We were even escorted a time or two by local dolphins — it was simply amazing!

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We learned about Turtle Mound, which is a prehistoric archaeological site believed to have been the site of oyster and other shell refuse from the Timucuan people–pretty crazy stuff!

We wrapped up our paddling experience just past the JB’s docks in a cove full of Florida Manatees.  And, let me tell you, if you think paddling around with dolphins is cool, just imagine being surrounded by dozens of manatees!

The guys at East Coast Paddle were fantastic guides, and did a great job with our group … most of whom had never even been on a paddleboard before!

Wanna learn more about East Coast Paddle?  Check out their website or like them on Facebook!

The whole group!
Gettin’ brave!
We’re on a boat!

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