Two Thumbs Up for Truffles Grill

I’ve been wanting to try Truffles Grill, the newest restaurant addition to Winter Park Village, for quite a while and finally had my opportunity Sunday evening.

Truffles offers both indoor and outdoor seating, but since summer’s creeping up on us, we chose to sit inside.  The atmosphere is lovely, though the main dining room did seem to be on the smaller side.

Service was tremendous, and even more so considering one of our guests was under the age of five.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Truffles Grill is that their menu items are prepared fresh daily including delicious crab cakes which our table ordered for a starter.

Guests around the table also raved about the wine list, including a tasty sangria, and the selection of available drafts.

I’m looking forward to a return trip when the weather cools down a bit, because there simply aren’t enough al fresco dining options in town.

Have you been to Truffles Grill?  What did you think?

3 thoughts on “Two Thumbs Up for Truffles Grill

  1. Personally I think This place is amazing. From the moment you walk in the door The staff is friendly and the management goes above and beyond. I have yet to try anythng on the menu that I wasnt in love with. Happy hour is easy on the wallet and the bartenders sure make some tasty drinks. Always in a great mood when I leave this place!

  2. ditto above. i actually really liked the indescribable atmosphere and that’s the only thing i can compliment. the menu was boring and the food followed suit. it felt like a nice chain restaurant.

  3. Not feeling the love from this place. Don’t get me wrong the food was decent but strange… I found myself oddly uncomfortable with this place. The atmosphere just doesn’t make sense. Are they french… Italian… Modern… I have no clue. It is nice to have a new addition to Winter Park Village however, this place just doesn’t quite hit the mark for me. Overall all everyone at the table enjoyed our meals but none of us LOVED our meals. I had the portobello sandwich with sweet potato fries. The fries were pretty goo, nothing to write home about. The best part of the meal was the bread and flavored sweet fluffy butter that the bread was served with. I have to say… I do not think I will be returning for bread and butter alone.

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