Town of Harmony: Dark Sky Festival

We get alot of emails from folks throughout the Central Florida Community soliciting support for their events, businesses, services, etc. Usually if it’s something we feel you–our readers–will find value in, we’ll post. Some, we don’t (we aren’t big fans of being taken advantage of, which sometimes it seems we are). That being said, an email came through our inbox recently that caught my attention.

It’s for an event this coming Saturday being hosted by the Town of Harmony, called Dark Sky Festival. Enough to intrigue you as well?

Cute angles on the marketing. “We’ve got more stars than Hollywood” and “Fight light pollution.” Diggin’ it.

Here are directions to Harmony, and if you end up going to this event we’d love to hear about it from you! You can also Follow Harmony on Twitter for all their latest-and-greatest.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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