Wabi Sabi in Merritt Island

I realize this post isn’t necessarily featured on something in Central Florida, but Merritt Islando/Cocoa is sorta central-ish…right? Anyway, one of my dearest friends lives in this area, and I recently paid her a visit accompanied by a yummy lunch at a tiny place called Wabi Sabi (sorry, couldn’t locate an official website).

Now, I’d actually been here before with the same friend but I recalled it being quite tasty, so I was looking forward to it. Of course, I went with a noodle dish (me thinks it might be time to try something new at places like this!):

Wabi Sabi Everything else on the menu looked really good, and the dishes the rest of my party ordered looked great. While I couldn’t find a website for Wabi Sabi I did find a menu posted online. You can check-it-out here if you’re interested in seeing what sort of dishes are offered. And you can see what folks are saying about this place over on Yelp.

Location deets:

Wabi Sabi
455 N. Courtenay Pkwy.
Merritt Island, FL 32953

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