Urban Hibachi

Food. Here I am. Again. It’s seriously a miracle I don’t weigh 300 pounds by now. But for real, I tried out this new place called Urban Hibachi recently, upon the urging of a friend.

I’ll preface by saying I’m happy and open to try this place again. And I’m not one to ever use this platform to bash a place, that’s for certain.

Urban HibachiOn the day I went for lunch with a friend (not the one that recommended it), the experience was less than desirable. I will admit we went right during rush hour–around noonish–but the dining room was a madhouse. Sure, we were seated right away…after asking if we should seat ourselves…but we sat at our table for about 15 minutes before even being addressed or offered a drink. Not a good first impression, I’d say.

Being the relatively patient person I am, I waited it out and eventually put a drink order in, along with a food order.

Now, I’ll give the place props – they have pretty good food. At least, the dish I ordered was/is. Of course, it’s a noodle dish.

Urban Hibachi
In looking over their menu, too, it looked like they had some really good dishes to offer, including sushi. Lots of it.

Location deets:

Urban Hibachi
3042 W. Sand Lake Road
Orlando, FL 32819

Interested in visiting and trying Urban Hibachi out for yourself? View their menu prior to going. Be warned: their website plays music. Also, the site is way nicer than the in-store experience. Good marketing, I suppose!

If you’ve been, or end-up going, I’d be very interested in hearing about your experience.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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