Oishi Japanese Restaurant

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You know I like Thai. Mexican makes me happy. Japanese is also one of my favorite ethnic foods. Heck, food just brings a smile to my face (we know I certainly talk about it way more than Kim does!). And I’m always happy to find a new place to try.

Recently I was made aware of Oishi Japanese Restaurant, essentially situated on the corner of International Drive and Central Florida Parkway. It’s a very cute venue, and the dining room is quite festive and authentic.

Oishi Japanese Restaurant
Oishi Dining Room

The day I dined it was during lunch, and candidly was not at all busy; however, I have the sense the crowds pick up during dinner and on the weekends.

So, of course I went with a noodle dish. I just can’t seem to help myself. And when my dish arrived I was every bit of happy as I was hoping I would be:

Oishi Japanese Restaurant

Of course, mine was just one of many dishes. Oishi offers up very many sushi dishes, katsu, tempura, and more!

Location deets:

Oishi Japanese Restaurant
11025 International Drive
Orlando, Fl 32821

Interested in trying out Oishi for a meal? Check out their menu before heading over. They also post coupons on their site, so be sure to look there before you go! And if you’ve ever been we’d love to hear about your experience. For any of our friends in the Tampa area, or if you’re ever in Tampa for the day or for the weekend, Oishi has a location there, too.

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