Viet Thai Cafe

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Yes, it’s me talking about food. Again. I just can’t help myself. And when it’s Thai food…well, it’s one of my favorite ethnic foods.

Not too long ago a work colleague of mine mentioned a delicious thai place over near the Florida Mall, so I instantly asked for a lunch invite. And lunch we did.

Viet Thai Cafe is in a little strip of a shopping center that could easily be missed if you weren’t paying attention. Nearly on the corner of Orange Blossom Trail and Sand Lake Road (I know, the fanciest of Central Florida locations!) and almost directly across the street from Saffran, you sorta gotta know exactly where this place is located (address is posted below).

Viet Thai Cafe

When you walk inside the restaurant, the dining area isn’t much to write home about. But it’s quaint and clean, and the kitchen is an open concept so you can witness the chefs at work. When it comes to Thai food I’m pretty much willing to try anything–and the spicier the better–but I’m definitely a sucker for some drunken noodles. So that’s exactly what I ordered for myself.

Viet Thai Cafe

Looks pretty delicious, right? And it was. My dining mates ordered different dishes and they said they were yummy as well.

Viet Thai Cafe
Dining Room Decor

Pretty standard thai menu, and I’ll definitely be going back or heading over for some take-out.

Location deets:

Viet Thai Cafe
1925 Sand Lake Road
Orlando, FL 32809

At the time of this posting Viet Thai’s website was down for maintenance (boo!), so if you’re so inclined to find out more info I’d recommend seeing what folks say on Yelp!

Have you ever visited Viet Thai Cafe?

2 thoughts on “Viet Thai Cafe

  1. Hi Ashley!

    Thanks for the great blog. I’m glad that you decided to give us a try and hope that you will continue to come back and visit us.

    Your Friends at Viet Thai Cafe, Orlando

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