Favorite Central Florida Gem?

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Our beautiful Central Florida has so much to offer, so much to see and do! We try to cover as much as we can here on our little site, but we’re only two folks with full-time jobs. So we want to hear from you guys–our awesome audience–about some of your favorite gems in Central Florida. Maybe some place we haven’t been or blogged about, something we haven’t yet experienced.

A couple of my personal faves are Harry P. Leu GardensΒ when the weather’s nice (which we haven’t yet covered) and Wekiva Island (which Kim wrote about several years ago)!

Leu Gardens

Give us some tips by leaving a comment or emailing us, and we’ll try to feature it here on the site! It could be a place to go or see. A person we should know about. An exciting event we just haven’t caught. Some nightlife, or even something touristy. Let us hear!

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6 thoughts on “Favorite Central Florida Gem?

  1. Another place in the downtown are ia Dickson Azalea Park, a small park you can walk around and it’s pretty shaded as well (the one that’s across the street part).

  2. This weekend (today specifically) I went with a friend to the antique district (where white wolfe is) to look at the antique shops. Super fun and you can negotiate all items! Washburn Imports is an awesome place and has a great bar at night called The Imperial.

    1. We’re big fans of Antique Row (they were attempting to call it something else at one point). White Wolfe is one of our favorites, and we’re frequent patrons of The Imperial.

      Maybe we’ll bump into you at one of these places at some point!

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