KRES Chophouse

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In the amount of time I’ve lived in Central Florida believe it or not it was only just recently that I finally made it to KRES Chophouse on Church Street in downtown Orlando. I’ve been aware of the establishment for years, obviously, and have walked by the restaurant many, many times. Right around the New Year I went for dinner with a couple of friends, and overall it was a really nice experience.

KRES Chophouse

I wasn’t terribly hungry at the time so for my meal I opted for a bowl of French Onion soup and a wedge salad (I have a slight addiction), and honestly both were quite delicious. The soup had a wonderful flavor and was full of tasty bread.

KRES Chophouse
French Onion Soup
KRES Chophouse
Wedge Salad

The one thing that wasn’t the greatest part of the experience was the service. I think our server might’ve been sick at the time, and he wasn’t very attentive or really even that friendly. I definitely expected more out of that aspect given the upscale dining and atmosphere.

KRES Chophouse

Thinking about heading to KRES sometime soon for a nice meal? Take a peek at KRES’s menu before you go. I warn you, though, it will make you hungry!

Location deets:

17 West Church Street
Orlando, FL 32801


Have you ever dined at KRES Chophouse? We’d love to hear about your experience.

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