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Diva Wines & DessertsA friend and I recently headed to Park Avenue in Winter Park to grab a drink or two on a Saturday afternoon. Afterward, we walked around and enjoyed the beautiful Florida Winter weather, and stumbled upon a little spot just off the main street called Diva Wines & Desserts.

I’m not sure if this place is relatively new or not but I’d never heard of it. So that made me think there are many other folks who might not’ve heard of it either, so I wanted to share it with you guys.

Obviously you can tell by the name this spot serves wine and desserts, but they also offer more substantial foods like pizza and gourmet foods. I wasn’t particularly hungry at the time but my friend decided to try a sampling of the pizza:

Diva Wines & Desserts

Diva Wines & Desserts

Her verdict? Muy delicioso! At the least the pepperoni anyway. (She also tried a piece of the goat cheese pizza but didn’t really care for it too much.)

There are a few tables at the front of the venue/store, along with a bar hosting a handful of barstools. There’s also an ample selection of wine, beer, food, and wine accessories available for purchase. Here’s a look around:

Diva Wines & DessertsDiva Wines & Desserts
Diva Wines & DessertsDiva Wines & Desserts

Cute, right? Does anyone know anything else about this Winter Park neighborhood place?

Location deets:

Diva Wines & Desserts
155 E Morse Blvd.
Winter Park, FL 32789


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2 thoughts on “Diva Wines & Desserts

  1. Yes, I agree whole heartly. This place is off the chain, Great food and outstanding wines and beers. I meet up with the owner Diva Dave, what a GREAT person.

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