Bistro Europa Express

Bistro Europa ExpressDiscovery! Discovery! Tell your tummies to listen up!

I met a friend of mine for lunch recently at a new place located in South Orlando, near the Hunter’s Creek community. And I’m definitely glad said friend made the recommendation because the food was scrumptious.

This new place is called Bistro Europa Express and it’s just behind the Miller’s Ale House on South John Young Parkway. (Actually, you can find it right next door to Mikado Sushi.) Fortunately, we went a little early because about 15 minutes after we arrived the place got packed!

The decent sized dining room hugs a counter where all of the food on the menu is displayed. Fresh items to make a salad (off the menu or custom), a variety of soups, sandwiches (pre-made), and hot dishes are all available for customers to choose from.

Bistro Europa ExpressBistro Europa ExpressBistro Europa Express

As I mentioned before the majority of the food is really healthy. My friend opted for a soup/salad combo but I went straight for some chicken. Accompanying my chicken were some delicious potatoes and some so-so carrots.

Bistro Europa Express
1/4 Chicken, Potatoes, and Carrots
Bistro Europa Express
Soup & Salad Combo

Wanna check out their menu or even order online? Go for it! I bet you’ll like what you find.

Location deets:

Bistro Europa Express
13586 Village Park Drive
Suite 310
Orlando, FL 32837

If you’re ever in the area and choose to stop in to Bistro Europa Express, we’d love to hear about your experience! Enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Bistro Europa Express

  1. I live in Hunters Creek….and I also have eaten at BEE….and I LOVE it…….there are not many places around here that cater (without knowing it) to the veggie crowd…The food is fresh and looks great…..we can see exactly what we are getting….Also very clean….beautiful decor….friendly staff….Please don’t close down…so many in that mall have…good luck/good business!

  2. I just finished up a soup/salad combo: tomato mozzarella panini and vegetarian black bean soup. Sooooooo tasty! Great service. The people are super friendly and the place is clean. I’m about to bite into my colassal chocolate chip cookie. I figured if I was good with my MEAL I could be bad for desert. I hope this place sticks around. It rivals Panera (w/o the extreme selection of breads/pastries). Be sure to dish out Panera prices too. I just blew $10. Regardless, Two-thumbs up!

    1. Oh no! Not a good experience? That’s a bummer to hear. Do you mind if I ask what you ordered? And was it right after they opened? Both the person I was with and I enjoyed our meals.

      (We’ve never been paid to write a review, just FYI.)

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