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One of my colleagues at work had been raving about this eatery in South Orlando called Saffron. Talk, talk, talkin’ it up, and I’m always one for discovering–or being told about–a new food place here in Central Florida (as we all know), so I had to check it out. Originating in Iceland, the Saffron franchises are rooted in healthier, “cleaner” eating while still being delicious.

SAFFRAN offers healthy, fresh, exotic, international dishes to spice up your body and soul. Our food is made from quality products. All marinades are homemade straight from the heart and free from additives, preservatives and msg.”

The history is really quite interesting – you can read all about it here if you’re interested.

Saffran Orlando

On my visit, I myself opted for a simple chicken dish (one can never eat enough chicken, right?), which was accompanied with rice and red onion. YUM! Officially, the dish is called SAFFRAN CHICKEN AND RED ONION (clever, huh?!). One of my dining mates enjoyed a safflat (Saffron’s version of flatbread), and it looked quite tasty as well. You can get a preview of the entire Saffran menu here.

Looks pretty good, eh?

If you’ve been to Saffran, first of all we’d love to hear about your experience. Second, you should “Like” them on Facebook and connect with others who are Fans. You can also Follow them on Twitter.

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