Out and About: Tagged (Jesus Edition)

This is a very, very, VERY special edition of “Tagged.” I have been seeing this car around Central Florida for years and years and have been dying to snap some pictures, but it’s never seemed like an opportune time. FINALLY I had my chance recently, and I think I got a couple of good ones!

Out and About: Tagged (Jesus Edition)

Out and About: Tagged (Jesus Edition) (Location: South Orlando in the Williamsburg area, near SeaWorld Orlando.)

Have you ever seen the Jesus car? If you haven’t, it’s definitely a sight to behold. Be sure to keep your eyes open if you’re ever in the area. Oh…and a hail Mary or two probably wouldn’t hurt….

2 thoughts on “Out and About: Tagged (Jesus Edition)

  1. I’ve seen a couple Jesus cars around town, including the one that seems to drive back and fourth on I-4 between lake mary and maitland all day long, but this one definitely wins most devout vehicle in town!

    Speaking of decorated cars though, anyone else remember the Circus of the Absurd car?

    1. There’s more than one?! I’ve never seen the one you’re referring to between Lake Mary and Maitland. You’ll have to snap a picture sometime if you’re able (and it’s not dangerous).

      Not familiar with the Circus car. Sounds fun, though!

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