Banning Central Floridians from Talking on Cell Phones

I have a fairly decent commute on my drive to work. Maybe 30 minutes, on a good day? It gives me plenty of time to think. Listen to music. Ponder life. And realize how completely terrible the drivers in Central Florida are! Do you agree?

Seriously, most people are speeding, not paying attention, switching lanes without signaling to other drivers, and all the while these people are talking on their cell phones. Now, I’m not saying I haven’t been guilty of a quick chat or a super-fast text to say “I’m on my way!” (sorry, Oprah – it happens), but noticing just how many folks are on their phones and barely paying attention to the road, led me to ask the fine people of Central Florida:

I’m talking a major, major fine if pulled over while talking on the phone. Have you ever thought about this? What would you do?

3 thoughts on “Banning Central Floridians from Talking on Cell Phones

  1. Banning cell phones in vehicles is not enforceable. Southern drivers usually have darkened glass due to the powerful sun. You really can not see inside. Also people just have to put their phones on speaker phone and have a conversation anyway. If you have passengers, you wind up talking to them and not paying attention to the road any way.

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