The Rusty Spoon

I almost skipped this post/review of The Rusty Spoon, a new-ish Gastropub in Downtown Orlando, because I didn’t take any pictures during my visit, but I was able to grab one from their Flickr page which I think helps tell the story of my post.

I heard about The Rusty Spoon the way you do of all new restaurants in town and decided to finally check it out.  Sitting at the base of 55West, they have a nice spot on Church Street just far enough away from the bars.  When we arrived, the place didn’t appear crowded at all, though the bar was relatively full.  There was a 20-30 minute wait, so to the bar we went.  About 15 minutes later we were told our table was ready and as we were led to it, I noticed immediately how deceptively large the space is … you’d just never realize it until you were there.

Strangely, we were seated in a group of about 5-6 empty tables — guess that 20-30 minute wait was just to create the illusion of business.


The Rusty Spoon’s menu is proudly sourced from local growers and features lots of unexpected goodies, but since I’m not a “foodie” or a food blogger, I’ll let you peruse the menu yourself. I ordered the fish & chips which was delicious, but the fries and homemade ketchup were the standout.

The service was good and everything seemed to take the right amount of time. The one thing that kept nagging at us, though, was that because the space is rather large and tables are quite far apart the restaurant seemed to be lacking atmosphere. And, even though it was about 3/4 full during our meal, it never felt “lively.”

So, if you’re looking for a quiet dinner out, I’d suggest The Rusty Spoon, but if you’re hoping for a more boisterous atmosphere, look elsewhere.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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