China Sushi Bar in College Park

The College Park neighborhood has many great restaurants to offer residents and visitors alike. I actually live just steps from College Park, so I’ve experienced many. And while I’ve never dined inside China Sushi Bar I’ve gotten delivery on many occasions (shhh…don’t tell that sometimes I’m lazy!).

On a recent delivery, I ordered honey garlic chicken and it was yums:

As you can see from the photo my order also included egg drop soup and egg rolls. (Wow, I didn’t realize it but that’s a whole lotta egg!) The egg rolls are actually really good–although nothing any different than what you’d find other places–but their egg drop soup isn’t really that good. There’s something very “thick” about it, and I’m not really sure what would do that to soup.

China Sushi Bar in College Park
Their website isn’t the most beautiful – actually, it’s downright unattractive – but if you want to check-out their menu you can do so here. They also post photos of their dishes…if you want to order something other than honey garlic chicken, that is!

Location deets:

2122 Edgewater Dr.
Orlando,FL 32804

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