Versus Sports Bar & Grill

Versus Sports Bar & GrillLast week I attended an event that was hosted at Versus Sports Bar & Grill in downtown Orlando. Now, this particular venue seems like it’s been many, many different things over the years, and quite honestly it wouldn’t normally be my kinda dive. I was eager to attend my event, though, and actually ordered some take-out to bring home with me when the event was over.

The interior is very sports-centric, and the dining room certainly appears well-equipped to handle sports games with many high-def televisions throughout. And hey…if you want to take a little break from the game–whichever kind you’re watching–you can (love me some skee ball!)….

Versus Sports Bar & GrillVersus Sports Bar & Grill

As I mentioned earlier I ordered some food to take home with me, and of course I was gonna go all-out! That’s a chicken sandwich, and…hello tater tots (and I have to admit they were darn good)!

Versus Sports Bar & Grill

Versus Sports Bar & Grill is one of the many sports bars in downtown Orlando, Versus is actually in a really good location. Pay a visit sometime and determine for yourself if it’s worth it.

Location deets:

100 E Pine St
Orlando, FL 32801

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