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A few months ago we talked about the new Dave & Buster’s coming to Central Florida, in the heart of crazy-tourist-town I-Drive. I’d personally never been to one, I love games (that’s the kid-at-heart busting through), and despite making an ill-decided attempt to go on a weekend night (I would not recommend, by the way, but I’m happy the place is so dang popular and feeding our local economy) I finally made it over this past weekend. Was it worth it? Hmmm…yeah, I’d say so. But my expectations were a tad underwhelmed.


Of course I’m there, so might as well eat, right? There are a ton of options on the menu, but if you’re planning on sticking around for the games you’re best bet is to take advantage of one of the combo deals. These are a select menu of dishes coupled with a game card.

Dave & Buster's Orlando

Dave & Buster's Orlando

I ordered chicken tacos, which was part of the deal that came with a $10 game card. I believe that equates to something like 40+ in tokens. A pretty good deal for the combo considering it was around $16.
Dave & Buster's OrlandoDave & Buster's Orlando

Now, I won’t necessarily title the food I had as bad, but it was definitely mediocre at best, and certainly not anything I’d be running back to experience anytime soon. Not the dish I ordered, anyway. My dining partner’s fried shrimp looked pretty good, but the sentiment on that side pretty much mirrored mine. Oh well…onto the games!


Now this is the part I was really looking forward to. The games–maybe the arcade?–is huge, and there are alot of really fun ones. Nothing really innovative or groundbreaking. Skee ball. Racing games. Anything, really, where guests can accumulate tickets to exchange for prizes. I can’t even remember how many tickets I ended-up wracking-up – I gave mine to a coupla kids who looked like they’d enjoy the prizes much more than I.
Dave & Buster's Orlando
Dave & Buster's OrlandoDave & Buster's Orlando
Dave & Buster's Orlando

So, have you been to Dave & Buster’s on International Drive yet? Or have you been to any Dave & Buster’s ever? What are your thoughts?

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