Stand Up Paddleboarding in Cocoa

This weekend I had the chance to use a Groupon for Stand Up Paddleboarding in Cocoa Beach. One of the great things about Groupon, besides the great discounts, is that it introduces you to cool places like 321 Kiteboarding & Watersports.

Not only did the guys at 321 let us use our Groupon after it’d expired, but they were super-friendly, knowledgeable and made it worth the hour drive over from Orlando.

Next time I'm bringing my camera so I can get shots like this!

321 sits directly on the Banana River, so you walk out of their shop and right onto your board. Sure, they tell you that you’ll see manatees and maybe even dolphin, but that’s an understatement. Within minutes of being up on our boards, we were being followed by the lovable manatees.

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So, if you’re looking for a relaxing way to spend an hour or a half-day, or even the whole day, check out 321 Kiteboarding & Watersports!

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